Food waste

Spud Sunday: Food Matters

Some upcoming Dublin events that provide food for both mind & belly, including the Tastefest, promoting naturally blight resistant potatoes, and Feeding the 5000, which highlights issues of food waste

Spud Sunday: Waste Watching

The Four Pounds of Cheese Project has not only inspired me to look anew at my food waste but also lead to this savoury pie filled with cheese & cauliflower and with a potato & onion crust. That’s what I’d call a result.

The Good, The Bad, And The Perishable

The Stop Food Waste campaign launches with demos from Rachel Allen, Kevin Thornton & Donal Skehan, and provides the inspiration for a quickly made Asian noodle soup and much else to chew on besides.

The Great Oppression

Some vegetable are more challenging that others – turnip and cabbage in my case. I hate to waste food but I sometimes struggle with finding different things to do with these two.

Crimes Of The Kitchen

For me, I dislike it intensely when people take perfectly good ingredients and, through lack of care or skill, manage to make something that may be edible but is unpleasant or worse….

Waste Not, Want Not

I abhor food waste, so much so that, unless they are utterly inedible, I generally eat the results of my kitchen disasters. This cornbread of sorts is a case in point…