Food Issues

Spud Sunday: Sure Who’d Want To Be a Millionaire?

Coming up with a winning flavour for a packet of crisps will bag somebody £1,000,000 – but it won’t be me.

Spud Sunday: Super Mash

Enough with the spud-bashing, folks. Potatoes can be good for you, especially so with recipes like this for kale & dillisk mashed potatoes, a (mostly) raw food version of colcannon (raw except for the spuds, that is)

Spud Sunday: 3rd World Spuds

On the work of Vita, the Potato Centre of Excellence and the Irish Potato Coalition in tackling food security issues in Ethiopia and other parts of East Africa using the potato

Spud Sunday: It’s Complicated

From Jay Rayner’s new book – A Greedy Man in a Hungry World – to baked crisps from Irish start up, Veronica’s Snacks, the message this week is that food can be a complicated business

Spud Sunday: Hold The Horses

After the recent horse-meat-in-beef-burgers scandal, these homemade potato burgers seem a much safer bet

Spud Sunday: Food Matters

Some upcoming Dublin events that provide food for both mind & belly, including the Tastefest, promoting naturally blight resistant potatoes, and Feeding the 5000, which highlights issues of food waste

Spud Sunday: Fear Of Spuds

While there has been much comment lately on genetically modified potatoes, when it comes to GM, I am more about this Garlic Mash than anything else

Spud Sunday: Swedish Spuds

Spud goes Swedish with some Jansson’s Temptation – a creamy gratin-style dish made with potatoes and anchovies – and also with the views of a Swedish reader, who is much exercised by how we put our spuds on display in Ireland