Local Traditions

Spud Sunday: Salt, Butter & Scratting Spuds

A spud miscellany, from old ways of digging to new ways of breeding, how salt is being applied to the growing of potatoes, and how, in the end, butter is still a spud’s best friend

Spud Sunday: 50 Ways To Say Potato

A look forward to the upcoming Theatre of Food (including Theatre of Spud) at this year’s Electric Picnic and a review of the many ways to say potato in the Irish language

Spud Sunday: Notes From A Spud Island

A meeting with Kendra Mills of the Prince Edward Island Potato Board in Canada provided a fascinating insight into the island’s substantial potato industry

Spud Sunday: Toronto & Chips

This week, I’m all about chips (or fries), incl. radio interviews, newspaper articles and my 1st encounter with poutine on a recent visit to Toronto in Canada

Spud Sunday: Wheat-And-Meat

A trip to Higgins Butchers in Sutton, Co. Dublin, where old school meat skills come in shiny new livery, and with an Il Valentino bakery alongside

Spud Sunday: The Christmas Roastie Rhyme

It’s that Christmas roastie time of year, and while the fat for your roast potatoes is a matter a choice, it’s the dry matter that matters when it comes to the crunch

Spud Sunday: From Famine To Feast

Lumper potatoes make their return for a new potato season, with a lunch celebrated at Gallagher’s Boxty House and plenty of food for thought on Irish Famine history

Spud Sunday: 3rd World Spuds

On the work of Vita, the Potato Centre of Excellence and the Irish Potato Coalition in tackling food security issues in Ethiopia and other parts of East Africa using the potato