Spud Sunday: 50 Ways To Say Potato

A look forward to the upcoming Theatre of Food (including Theatre of Spud) at this year’s Electric Picnic and a review of the many ways to say potato in the Irish language

Spud Sunday: From Famine To Feast

Lumper potatoes make their return for a new potato season, with a lunch celebrated at Gallagher’s Boxty House and plenty of food for thought on Irish Famine history

Spud Sunday: Life Before Spuds

Ireland before the potato – what we ate then and what we can learn from it now: some thoughts on ‘A Study of Irish Food Culture before the Arrival of the Potato’ by CIT culinary arts students

Spud Sunday: Smiling Spuds

Last week’s episode of Bia DĂșchais spoke of potatoes that smile easily – this potato-based lemon & poppy seed cake should make you smile easily too

Spud Sunday: Like It Or Lumper

Potato Day makes a welcome return to Sonairte in Co. Meath and I visit with Lumpers in tow. Unfortunately for some, they were of the not-for-sale variety…

Spud Sunday: Return Of The Lumper

The Lumper potato that famously failed during the Great Irish Famine is now for sale thanks to Michael McKillop – I head to Potato Day at the Organic Centre in Leitrim with some Lumpers to share.

A Note From Home

Presenting “Canada’s Cake”, a type of boiled fruit cake, made using a recipe handed down through several Irish generations

Spud Sunday: Soup For Thought

A hearty bowl of curried potato and cauliflower soup, inspired by Gorta’s SoupForLife campaign.