Spud Sunday: Feeding The 50,000

Lunch with Neven Maguire & with the Aviva Stadium as a backdrop – that’s what’s on the menu as foodservice specialists Compass Group Ireland announce a partnership with the people’s chef

Topics: Chefs, Events

Spud Sunday: Super Spud Heroes

It’s that Organic Centre Potato Day time of year again and in a week, too, that saw a well deserved Irish Food Writers’ Guild award for Dave Langford and Dermot Carey and their heritage potato collection

Spud Sunday: Get Growing

So the Great British Spud Off is on the lookout for Irish entries – they want to know who can grow most from a single spud. Plus expect seeds & spud heads aplenty at the Organic Centre Potato Day in Leitrim this weekend.


Spud Sunday: Promoting The Spud

On recent media coverage of falling spud consumption following last week’s National Potato Conference and a recipe for a less than traditional way to serve potatoes, with a black bean and tomato sauce

Spud Sunday: The Potato Pickers

Snapshots from a day spent harvesting a crop of Sarpo Axona from John Swaby Miller’s field in Wicklow, to be sold in the run up to Christmas to raise funds for

Spud Sunday: From Famine To Feast

Lumper potatoes make their return for a new potato season, with a lunch celebrated at Gallagher’s Boxty House and plenty of food for thought on Irish Famine history

Spud Sunday: Big Fish, Big Food

On Tayto and Tayto N.I. and the challenges posed to their crisps business by Big Food corporations like PepsiCo, plus an appeal to help Irish Seed Savers

Spud Sunday: Five Spud Years

Marking 5 years of The Daily Spud with a trip to the Dingle Food Festival, judging at Blas na hEireann (the Irish Food Awards) and learning a lot about seaweed