Side Dishes

Spud Sunday: The Christmas Roastie Rhyme

It’s that Christmas roastie time of year, and while the fat for your roast potatoes is a matter a choice, it’s the dry matter that matters when it comes to the crunch

Spud Sunday: Super Mash

Enough with the spud-bashing, folks. Potatoes can be good for you, especially so with recipes like this for kale & dillisk mashed potatoes, a (mostly) raw food version of colcannon (raw except for the spuds, that is)

Spud Sunday: Bein’ Green

Potatoes roasted with green beans and garlic, tossed in a simple lemon and mustard dressing

Spud Sunday: Subtropical Spuds

National Potato Day is on the way again and, by way of bringing some colour to the event, I have some Canarian salt wrinkled potatoes with spicy mojo rojo and mojo verde sauces

Spud Sunday: Darling Spuds Of May

The first new potatoes of the year lead me to the first potato salad of the summer, dressed with mint, lemon and garlic, among other things

Spud Sunday: A Farmer And A Gentleman

Slices of potato and celeriac stand side by side, baked and sprinkled with Glebe Brethan, one of the finest of Irish cheeses, and whose maker, the late David Tiernan, was one of the finest of men

Spud Sunday: Forty Shades Of Potato

My thoughts on Frank Bruni’s New York Times piece on visiting Ireland and the cliché that is the ubiquity of potatoes here, plus a recipe for some less-than-ubiquitous caramelised apple mashed potato.

Spud Sunday: New Books On The Shelf

My bookshelf overfloweth, with new titles from Catherine Fulvio, Sophie Morris and Domini Kemp, which have, among other things, inspired this cheese-filled potato and broccoli bake