Spud Sunday: Mexican Fave

Pickled potatoes, made with baby potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and cider vinegar and using a recipe straight from a Mexican mama

Last Of The Summer Marmalade

This is orange marmalade, just as my mother makes it

The Pickle Of The Crop

These slightly sweet pickled redcurrants are one way of making the short redcurrant season’s bounty last the year ’round

The Incredible Spreadable

In which I experience a little piece of apricot jam heaven, thanks to the preserves made by Rayess Trading in Lebanon. The halloumi and labneh from Rayess Dairy weren’t half bad either.

Topics: Preserves, Travel

Spud Sunday: ‘Twas The Day After Christmas

Redcurrant chutney, a new addition to the Christmas table

Last Of The Summer Rhubarb

Ketchup, it’s not just for tomatoes, you know. This recipe for rhubarb ketchup is a case in point.

Green With Tomatoes

My tomatoes never ripen very much. Not that it really matters, because they’re still good for a batch of green tomato chutney.

Red And Berried

The story of my redcurrant crop and the wonderful redcurrant curd made from it…