Pease Glorious Pease

It certainly looks like hummus, though made with split peas, onions and (among other things) vegemite, it’s not quite the hummus you might expect.

Spud Sunday: Of Hummus, Fries And Food Bloggers

Herewith a recipe for hummus made with sprouted chickpeas, as inspired by Food Blogger Connect 2010 and the discovery that is hummus plus french fries

Spud Sunday: Of Hogs And Blogs

Using swag from the first official Irish food blogger event, I make some smoked trout dip and feel compelled to make oven chips to go with it.

Spud Sunday: Potato Dipping

The unexpected discovery of some romanesco cauliflower in the garden lead to the also very pleasant discovery of this recipe for Skordalia, a Greek potato and almond dip with a healthy garlic kick…

Fancy A Dip?

Muhammara, a middle eastern dip involving roasted red peppers and one of those utterly addictive dishes that screams make me now…

Mushy Chickpeas

I love hummus for the food that it is, and I love my pressure cooker, for the speed with which it allows me to cook dried chickpeas and thence turn them into one of my favourite snack foods.