Spud Sunday: A Spud’s Museum

Chocolate potato fudge, as inspired by a visit to the Canadian Potato Museum on Prince Edward Island

Spud Sunday: A Bar Too Far

Tayto chocolate with cheese and onion crisps. Did it have to happen?

Raising The Chocolate Bar

A review of my weekend at the Temple Bar Chocolate Festival, with truffle making, chocolate tasting and a fascinating talk by Willie Harcourt Cooze, plus a recipe for my favourite homemade truffles, flavoured with rose water, like Turkish delight.

Let There Be Chocolate And Giveaways

In anticipation of the upcoming Temple Bar Chocolate Festival, I have copies of Willie Harcourt Cooze’s Chocolate Factory Cookbook to give away and a recipe for a decadent chocolate biscuit cake. Bring it on.

The Jellies That Weren’t

I was on a mission to make apple jellies. The mission, however, did not succeed, as the jellies refused to set. All was not lost, though. I re-branded the result as apple butter and enjoyed it on toast.