Spud Sunday: A Spud’s Museum

Chocolate potato fudge, as inspired by a visit to the Canadian Potato Museum on Prince Edward Island

Spud Sunday: The Christmas Roastie Rhyme

It’s that Christmas roastie time of year, and while the fat for your roast potatoes is a matter a choice, it’s the dry matter that matters when it comes to the crunch

Spud Sunday: Super Mash

Enough with the spud-bashing, folks. Potatoes can be good for you, especially so with recipes like this for kale & dillisk mashed potatoes, a (mostly) raw food version of colcannon (raw except for the spuds, that is)

Spud Sunday: A Better Bar

Potato chip chocolate from San Diego based Chuao Chocolatier proves to be in a different league entirely to Mr. Tayto’s crisps + chocolate efforts

Spud Sunday: Bein’ Green

Potatoes roasted with green beans and garlic, tossed in a simple lemon and mustard dressing

Spud Sunday: Improper Spuds

Improper butter, a new range of Irish flavoured butters, just the thing to add a bit of punch to your spuds

Spud Sunday: Subtropical Spuds

National Potato Day is on the way again and, by way of bringing some colour to the event, I have some Canarian salt wrinkled potatoes with spicy mojo rojo and mojo verde sauces

Spud Sunday: Mexican Fave

Pickled potatoes, made with baby potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic and cider vinegar and using a recipe straight from a Mexican mama