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Whiskey Business


That’s what I would have said if anyone had challenged me about my supping of hot whiskeys at lunchtime on a Tuesday. As it was, I don’t think anyone in the vicinity was too bothered about my whiskey intake – possibly they were too busy downing hot toddies themselves. Besides, it was Dublin, it was January, it was cold. And the whiskeys were free. I really don’t think you need any more excuses than that.

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2009, The Spud Review

I hate to be predictable, but it’s that day of the year when you’d be expecting to see some kind of top-10-review-highlights-resolution kind of post, and who am I to disappoint?

So c’mon, then, into the spudmobile, seat belts on and let’s zoom through 2009…

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Colouring Food Red

There is nothing subtle about red.

It reaches out, grabs your attention and makes you look.

Perhaps that’s why it is the colour of the ribbon which is the international symbol of support for people living with HIV, and why Angela from Spinach Tiger asked us to remember World Aids Day earlier this week by cooking red.

Sliced Tomatoes in a Bloody Mary Sauce

Cooking red on red

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