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Spirit Of The Fringe

The people from Absolut vodka must really think I need a drink.

Not that they’re necessarily wrong about that you understand, but they must think I’m in a truly bad way if they’re sending me five bottles of vodka at a time. Five!

Absolut flavoured vodka miniatures

For all you know, these bottles could be quite large

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Cool As A Cucumber Cocktail

The Cucumburt: A Cocktail of Cucumber And Yoghurt

Introducing The Cucumburt

Cucumber in a salad is one thing.

Cucumber in a cocktail, well now, that brings a whole new meaning to the term salad bar.

To be honest, potato milkshakes aside, my culinary experiments don’t normally extend to the beverage side of the house. Mixing drinks chez Spud, generally speaking, features a bottle of gin in one hand and a bottle of tonic in the other.

But I am learning that it doesn’t have to be that way.

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2009, The Spud Review

I hate to be predictable, but it’s that day of the year when you’d be expecting to see some kind of top-10-review-highlights-resolution kind of post, and who am I to disappoint?

So c’mon, then, into the spudmobile, seat belts on and let’s zoom through 2009…

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