Spud Sunday: Beef, Salmon, Seaweed, More

In which I review this year’s crop of Irish-published cookbooks, w/ books on beef, salmon and seaweed; books by bloggers; books by chefs; from instructional cookery school tomes to coffee table collections and most things in between;

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Spud Sunday: Recipes From A Jewelled Kitchen

Presenting recipes for red hot roasties & burnt tomato and chilli jam from The Jewelled Kitchen by Bethany Kehdy, her Middle Eastern cookbook launched this weekend at the London Food Blogger Connect conference

Spud Sunday: Paddy’s Spuds

It’s St. Patrick’s Day, so you want green & you want spuds, right? In that case, meet spudakopita – an Irish take on the Greek classic of spanakopita, with spinach, potatoes and some surprisingly Irish feta-style cheese.

Spud Sunday: Irish Eating

Old and new Irish recipes abound, with the Goodall’s Modern Irish Cookbook & the ICA cookbook both newly launched. Amongst the recipes included are these ICA-inspired potato scones, firmly in the traditional Irish camp.

Spud Sunday: New Books On The Shelf

My bookshelf overfloweth, with new titles from Catherine Fulvio, Sophie Morris and Domini Kemp, which have, among other things, inspired this cheese-filled potato and broccoli bake

Spud Sunday: Gimme The Spuds

A little Spud Sunday serving of crispy potato skins, inspired by Sheila Kiely’s new book, Gimme The Recipe

Spud Sunday: The Why Of Cookbooks

In which I give a recipe for potato, cheese & mushroom pie from the new Pieminister cookbook a whirl, but not without making a few changes and having a few things to say on the subject of cookbooks first

As Cheesy As One, Two, Three

I’m celebrating my third blog birthday with three recipes appearing in the newly published book, Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland

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