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Spud Sunday: A Farmer And A Gentleman

Slices of potato and celeriac stand side by side, baked and sprinkled with Glebe Brethan, one of the finest of Irish cheeses, and whose maker, the late David Tiernan, was one of the finest of men

Spud Sunday: Not So Humble Spuds

Can potato crisps be gourmet food? Bill and Mick’s crisps may be labelled as gourmet but what does that mean anyway?

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Spud Sunday: Rose-Tinted Spuds

Mixing it up, spud-wise, with potato pinwheels, featuring mashed potato, goats cheese, toasted hazelnuts and spinach, rolled in puff pastry, sliced, baked and, quickly thereafter, eaten.

Spud Sunday: A Bake Is Born

Introducing potato and aubergine (or eggplant, if you will) baked in a coconut milk and tomato sauce – it’s a kind of Thai-style curry in baked form