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Spud Sunday: Fight Or Blight

It was a champion day for naturally blight resistant Sárpo potatoes at the Tastefest with David Shaw from the Sárvári Research Trust, among many others

A Mugful Of Mojo

Wherein I get to taste some of the range of coffees roasted by Kevin McLoughlin of Coffee Mojo in Wicklow

Spud Sunday: Mine’s A Soup

Nothing like a drop of potato and beer soup to keep you well comforted and warm within – which is precisely what this recipe aims to do

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Spud Sunday: Food Matters

Some upcoming Dublin events that provide food for both mind & belly, including the Tastefest, promoting naturally blight resistant potatoes, and Feeding the 5000, which highlights issues of food waste

Spud Sunday: Danish Potatoes

Joanna Schaffalitzky’s Foodcamp presentation urges us Irish to look to Denmark for culinary inspiration; we share a love of potatoes and bread and – from kartoffelmad to chip butties – a tendency to combine the two