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Spud Sunday: Forty Shades Of Potato

My thoughts on Frank Bruni’s New York Times piece on visiting Ireland and the cliché that is the ubiquity of potatoes here, plus a recipe for some less-than-ubiquitous caramelised apple mashed potato.

A Walk On The Wild Side

Foraging – it’s not just about mushrooms, or so I was reminded after a walk in the woods at Farnham Estate in Co. Cavan with wild foods expert Mary Bulfin

Spud Sunday: Irish Eating

Old and new Irish recipes abound, with the Goodall’s Modern Irish Cookbook & the ICA cookbook both newly launched. Amongst the recipes included are these ICA-inspired potato scones, firmly in the traditional Irish camp.

Spud Sunday: Wild Spuds

A foraging trip puts me in mind of wild potatoes and how, through careful breeding, their talent for survival can be used to help their more domesticated cousins

Spud Sunday: New Books On The Shelf

My bookshelf overfloweth, with new titles from Catherine Fulvio, Sophie Morris and Domini Kemp, which have, among other things, inspired this cheese-filled potato and broccoli bake