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Spud Sunday: Fear Of Spuds

While there has been much comment lately on genetically modified potatoes, when it comes to GM, I am more about this Garlic Mash than anything else

Spud Sunday: The Veg Of A Nation

The return of National Potato Day is announced and I provide some peanut-roasted potatoes as a slightly alternative way to celebrate

Spud Sunday: Cuppa Spuds

The Sunday Times, coffee and the dreaded potato defect in Rwandan and other coffees

Spud Sunday: The Spud Collector

Potatoes a la Grecque – a fancy-sounding name for just-cooked potatoes steeped in a wine-based marinade imbued with lots of Mediterranean flavour and just a little bit of sunshine

Spud Sunday: Pesto People

A trip to the basil fields of northern Italy courtesy of SaclĂ  fuels the urge to make some pasta alla Genovese, where pasta and potatoes meet