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Spud Sunday: Fish Supper

In which I attend a fish masterclass and sample a new fish-based menu at Dublin’s Cliff Town House, and also have some chips to keep me happy

Spud Sunday: Swedish Spuds

Spud goes Swedish with some Jansson’s Temptation – a creamy gratin-style dish made with potatoes and anchovies – and also with the views of a Swedish reader, who is much exercised by how we put our spuds on display in Ireland

Spud Sunday: Fab City

There was much ado about food on a recent trip to Limerick, with a captivating evening at the Hunt Museum to launch Love Gourmet Week 2012, a visit to the bustling Milk Market and the not-so-bustling Potato Market turned car park

Spud Sunday: Liquid Lunch

It’s a potato, fish and tomato stew. Or a very hearty, fishy soup. Or possibly both.