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Spud Sunday: The Return Of Foodcamp

Foodcamp returned to Savour Kilkenny this year, with plenty of food for thought, as well as food for eating

Spud Sunday: A Spud’s Weekend In Wales

Wales: it may be known for its castles, sheep and hard-to-pronounce place names, but it’s also got some good food to eat too

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On The Food Trail Again

So it’s off to Wales and their True Taste Awards, but not before having a good ol’ bowl of porridge to set me up

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Spud Sunday: World Spud Day

A few sobering thoughts on hunger for World Food Day and on the role that the potato can play in global food security

The Emperor’s New Omelette Challenge

Having watched Thomas Keller’s wonderful ‘take it slow’ approach to the BBC Saturday Kitchen omelette challenge, I wonder if it isn’t time for the omelette challenge to just pack up and go…

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Spud Sunday: The Why Of Cookbooks

In which I give a recipe for potato, cheese & mushroom pie from the new Pieminister cookbook a whirl, but not without making a few changes and having a few things to say on the subject of cookbooks first

As Cheesy As One, Two, Three

I’m celebrating my third blog birthday with three recipes appearing in the newly published book, Farmhouse Cheeses of Ireland

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Spud Sunday: Simple Spuds

Bay leaves, a really simple but very worthwhile addition to roast potatoes (& baked potatoes too, for that matter)