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Spud Sunday: The Day Of The Spud

Some thoughts on this week’s National Potato Day – suffice to say, I’m looking forward to the next one already

Paint Me A Pizza

A pizza makeover with a bit of Irish flavour, featuring four Irish cheeses, potato, leek and turnip no less.

Spud Sunday: Ambassador Of Spuds

The first Irish National Potato Day has been declared by Keogh’s Potatoes and, yes, you’ll find me right in the thick of it

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Louth Is My Oyster

From the Carlingford Oyster Festival to the Eastern Seaboard Bar & Grill and Brown Hound Bakery in Drogheda, it was a fine day of eating and drinking in Louth

Spud Sunday: Mixing It Up

Having received a shiny new stand mixer from the lovely Fairy Hobmother, there was nothing else for it but to make some of this yeasty potato-tomato bread

Cheery Tomatoes

Homegrown cherry tomatoes, a particularly cheery thing to look at on an otherwise dreary day

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Spud Sunday: Waste Watching

The Four Pounds of Cheese Project has not only inspired me to look anew at my food waste but also lead to this savoury pie filled with cheese & cauliflower and with a potato & onion crust. That’s what I’d call a result.

The Gardens Of Others

Visiting the walled fruit and vegetable garden in the National Botanic Gardens in Dublin is always a treat

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