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Month: August 2011 (page 1 of 3)

Spud Sunday: The Day Of The Spud

Bag of potatoes

National Potato Day: Spuds finally get their day in the sun

By the time it got to Thursday, there was a definite buzz developing around the whole National Potato Day thing.

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Paint Me A Pizza

The trouble with designing a pizza, or perhaps the beauty of it, is that there’s just so much choice.

Like a painter who has no subject before them to guide their work, the pizza creator is limited only by imagination – and, one hopes, a good sense of taste – in choosing the canvas, colours and textures of their design.

So it was that I found myself pondering endless possibilities for the latest five star makeover mission, to spruce pizza up with our own particular brand of spit and polish. Bewildered somewhat by the choices, I did, in the end, what I often do – I lead my pizza down an Irish road.

Cheese and potato pizza

This pizza may look like an Italian favourite, but it's got lots of Irish flavour

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Spud Sunday: Ambassador Of Spuds

I love spuds

Yep, that says it all

So how, exactly, does one go about establishing a National Potato Day?

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