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Spud Sunday: A Taste of June

Can I tempt you with some patatas bravas, inspired by the upcoming Campo Viejo Tapas Trail, or perhaps some free Taste of Dublin tickets & a case of Carmen Carmenere instead?

Food Al Fresco

Time to give my regular picnic fare a Lebanese makeover, in the form of roasted chickpeas with sumac and allspice and a Middle Eastern chickpea salad

Spud Sunday: Sparkly Spuds

What with Queen Elizabeth visiting, it’s not been an average week in Ireland, and these potato beignets – fried discs of sweetened potato dough – are not your average spuds.

The Incredible Spreadable

In which I experience a little piece of apricot jam heaven, thanks to the preserves made by Rayess Trading in Lebanon. The halloumi and labneh from Rayess Dairy weren’t half bad either.

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Spud Sunday: Vive La Spud

Antoine Augustin Parmentier, he who popularised the potato in France, also lends his name to these herby potatoes parmentier, with roasted potato cubes and plenty of fresh herbs

Spud Sunday: Eat Only Lebanese

Back from Lebanon, with lots of Lebanese food and wondering how I marry that with the Eat Only Irish For A Week challenge. Potatoes, as always, provide the answer.

Spud Sunday: Gone Eatin’

The Daily Spud goes to the Lebanon, home of extremely heavy potatoes and a lot more besides

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