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Spud Sunday: Winner Alright

Irish blog award 2011

Meet the gong

It all happened so quickly.

Seemed like the food and drink category finalists were name-checked and the winner announced while we were still settling into the auditorium at the Europa Hotel, venue for last night’s Irish Blog Awards.

And there was my name. Again.

Magic, it was. Pure magic.

Irish blog award winner 2011

Yay is me!


  1. I am so ridiculously proud of you. You are awesome – well deserved! =)

    Jax x

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s excellent, well done! Thoroughly deserved.

  3. Super Spud Tops The Polls Yet Again: Popular Potato Pundit Passes Muster(d;)! Superb news altogether DS. Yea, verily, as the cream riseth to the top of the milk, there likewise resideth the Spud that bloggeth with consumeth style! (I wonder how much more lyrical wax I can get in here? … ;)

  4. yay!!!! well done Spud!

  5. Daily Spud

    Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    Jackie, Catherine, Janmary, Jane – thanks all! Ange, have you developed a touch of the waxies gargle, by any chance?!

  6. Well done Aoife. Great to meet you at the awards.

  7. Sweet, I hope you had your acceptance speech well rehearsed. Any video of the momentous occasion to share. Raising a glass of wine in your honor.

  8. Daily Spud

    Monday, March 21, 2011 at 12:55 am

    Michelle: wow, I’m flattered, thank you!

    Shiela: lovely to meet you (again) at the awards, hopefully we’ll do so again soon

    OysterCulture: no well rehearsed speech, but I did manage a few words :) goodness knows, there probably is a video of it somewhere, though nothing official, I don’t think (er, hope!); there are pictures here, though

  9. Congratulations!! The crown is atop that spudly noggin once again, where it naturally belongs. 8-D

    What did I say… Über Tuber!!

  10. Congratulations! So well deserved!

  11. Delighted for you, well deserved! COngrats again :)

  12. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yahoo!!! Congratulations on another well deserved win!

  14. Very well done your Spudness! As promised, we dined on spuds in Calgary in your honour and raised a glass in celebration! :) Congratulations!!

  15. Congratulations, Spud! Well deserved :)

  16. Greetings, I’ve just found you and I must say it’s no surprise to see your accolade… congratulations! This blog is terrific and I’m looking forward to future visits.

  17. Stephen - The Boxty Bakers

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 9:16 am

    Well done on yet another award – much deserved. Don’t forget to pop in the next time you head to the great North West. Congrats.

  18. So well deserved! I love the picture of Mrs Potato Head caressing the award!

  19. Daily Spud

    Tuesday, March 22, 2011 at 10:42 am

    Tangled Noodle, 5 Star Foodie, Mammyskitchen, Sarah, Bellini, Phoo-D, Aoife Mc – thank you one and all!

    Coxy: glad to see you’re flying the Spud flag high in Canada

    Brooks: delighted to welcome you here, hope you continue to enjoy!

    Boxty Bakers: would love to pop in, will keep it in mind next time I’m up your direction

    Sharon: the award makes her very happy :D

  20. Congratulations! Only been following the blog for a few weeks but been very impressed.

  21. Congratulations! It’s very well deserved!

  22. Congratulations, my dear friend! You do us so proud!! I am so glad that you won !!!


  23. Daily Spud

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Mardi, Stef, Mindy, Sophie – thanks all, your kind words very much appreciated!

  24. CONGRATULATIONS! Totally deserved, though, and if they had a Fields Medal for Food blogs, you’d be the good willing hunting of the internet…or something..!! Brilliant that your humour and talent have been recognised by people previously your peers!! Big Spuddy Hurrah!!

  25. Congratulations!!!! I am thrilled for you–what a well-deserved award. Not to take anything away from the other great food bloggers, mind you, but I did know you first. Not that there’s a correlation. Or *is* there?! ;)

    Hooray for you, DS!!!

  26. Daily Spud

    Wednesday, April 6, 2011 at 1:05 am

    Keith: well, it would be more than appropriate if they had a Field Medal for Spud Blogs – I’d be a shoe-in :)

    Jenni: y’know, I think you could be on to something there – it sure smells like a correlation to me, hee hee!

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