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The TaytoRiCo Challenge

TaytoRiCo, where potatoes, rice & coconut meet. Realised here as a thin and crispy potato galette topped with coconut rice and whatever else takes your fancy.

Spud Sunday: Wholly Mackerel

An Irish take on a sushi roll, using fried mackerel, potatoes and with seaweed in the form of dillisk

Pop Goes The Wine Course

Taking the WSET Intermediate wine course had everything to do with enjoyment of wine and not so much to do with spitting

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Spud Sunday: Winner Alright

Irish Blog Awards 2011, Food and Drink category. And the winner is… me!

Paddy’s Day Food Parade, 2011 Edition

The Paddy’s Day Food Parade is here again, with a whole compendium of ways to eat and drink your way through this St. Patrick’s Day.

Spud Sunday: Potatoes, The Next Generation

Not one, but two Potato Days for me this month, at Sonairte and The Organic Centre, complete with Dave Langford’s heritage varieties and his own, newly bred spuds

Dishing It Up For Ireland

A new national dish for Ireland? That’s what they’re looking for at the Só Sligo Food Festival. Wonder would my Irish coleslaw recipe stand a chance?

When The Chips Are Up

Irish Blog Awards Food and Drink finalist yet again. What can I say?

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