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Spud Sunday: The Food Parade Rides Again

St. Patrick’s Day approaches and the Paddy’s Day Food Parade returns, kicking off this year with that all time classic: the Irish crisp sandwich

Bringing Home The Shiitake

Bacon and eggs get a 5 star makeover, with Asian flavours and a very different kind of bacon – shiitake bacon to be exact

Spud Sunday: Northern Sights

The Growing Festival at Crawfordsburn Country Park in County Down was the place to be this past weekend for lovers of all things potato

Porridge On The Wild Side

Porridge made with wild rice (a.k.a. mahnomin) is certainly one way of shaking up your oat-based porridge routine.

Spud Sunday: The Spud Manifesto

Looking for a real political alternative? The Potato Party presents its Spud Manifesto – it’s all about putting Irish food on your plate

Spud Sunday: Desert Island Spud

The mighty baked potato – if I only had one spud, this is how I’d cook it

Pease Glorious Pease

It certainly looks like hummus, though made with split peas, onions and (among other things) vegemite, it’s not quite the hummus you might expect.