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Spud Sunday: ‘Twas The Day After Christmas

Redcurrant chutney, a new addition to the Christmas table

Some Like It Hot

Hot chocolate at its simplest and most luxurious, made with some of Willie Harcourt-Cooze’s 100% cacao. Good for what ails ya.

Spud Sunday: Roasties Revisited

Roast potatoes are an essential part of Irish Christmas dinner, but which potatoes make the best roasties? 5 different types of potato later, we have a winner…

Spud Sunday: The Goats Of Christmas

A few thoughts for food, inspired by Milano’s Christmas campaign to support Oxfam’s efforts to buy goats for needy third world families

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The Cup Of All Fears

Butterscotch-glazed coffee shortbread bars: a gorgeous entry for the International Holiday Cookie Recipe Exchange & successfully executed, my cup measurement phobia notwithstanding

Spud Sunday: What’s In A Pancake?

You might know them as German potato pancakes or kartoffelpuffer or even latkes. Regardless of the name, there should always room for them on the plate.

That’s Entertainment…

Celebrity chefs: are they chefs first, entertainers second or the other way ’round? The Taste of Christmas theatre show made me wonder. No need to wonder about these cheese, sage and onion scones, though…