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Spud Sunday: Star Of The Seaweed

Dillisk or dulse, a wonderfully savoury seaweed found on the shores of the North Atlantic, goes down a treat with spuds, a fact ably demonstrated by this dillisk-seasoned garlicky potato gratin.

The Good, The Bad, And The Perishable

The Stop Food Waste campaign launches with demos from Rachel Allen, Kevin Thornton & Donal Skehan, and provides the inspiration for a quickly made Asian noodle soup and much else to chew on besides.

Spud Sunday: The Late Edition

Take some boiled potato, mash it, dry the pieces out in the oven until golden and crunchy, et voilà, potato crumbs. Scatter wherever you think crunch, gluten-free or otherwise, is needed.

What Price Chocolate?

They won’t fix the economy, but these hazelnut brownies may make you feel better. There’s also the Temple Bar Chocolate Festival to look forward to & some world-beating chocolate from Claudio Corallo.

Spud Sunday: Starch-Trekkin’

Introducing the Irish risotto, a mushroom “risotto” made with potatoes and Guinness instead of arborio rice and white wine. Trust me, it’s not as daft a notion as you may suppose it to be.

Spud Sunday: When Potato Met Apple

Potato apple parcels – mini apple tarts made with a potato pastry. Like all the best couples, it’s a combination that was meant to be.

Take Me To Your Mackerel

It started with tasting lovely Inish Turk Beg smoked fish, it ended with this gingery smoked mackerel pâté and, in between, there was some good, old fashioned nostalgia for the number 10 bus