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Ready, Steady, Click

A vegetable soup with roasted aubergines inspired by Cully & Sully and their ChefFactor competition

Spud Sunday: The Lefse Challenge

Prompted by Project Food Blog, I finally take on the challenge of making Norwegian lefse – the flattest of potato flatbreads

Rare Auld Dublin

Culture Night, the Dublin Civic Trust and a recipe for traditional Dublin Gur Cake – that’s a lot of local culture for one post

A Short Public Service Announcement

Voting opens for Project Food Blog Challenge 1 and I have thrown my proverbial hat into the ring

Topics: Competitions

Spud Sunday Extra: Project Spud Blog

The why of The Daily Spud – a challenge entry for Project Food Blog

Topics: Spud Sundays

Spud Sunday: The Cream Of Potatoes

Spotted in Zürich – hand and foot cream made with potatoes. Whatever next?

What’s In A Flapjack?

Flapjacks made with oats and Baileys Irish Cream. Just because.

Spud Sunday: Let There Be Colcannon

In which I make the Irish mashed potato classic of colcannon, but with a slight Mediterranean twist. I also learn to love curly kale. No small thing, I assure you.