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Essence Of Ireland

Presented at this year’s Oxford Symposium Banquet: Irish smoked salmon drizzled with Connemara peated single malt whiskey – a real taste of Ireland

Spud Sunday: Cut And Dried

Introducing oven-dried potato crisps – salt, vinegar, crunch and a distinct lack of fat

Last Of The Summer Rhubarb

Ketchup, it’s not just for tomatoes, you know. This recipe for rhubarb ketchup is a case in point.

Spud Sunday: The Yield So Far

My crop of potatoes so far may be small but they are welcome on the dinner plate nonetheless

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Lemon Alert

These days, if something is edible and within range, I’m likely to try adding lemon zest to it. These redcurrant shortbread bars are no exception.

Spud Sunday: The House Of Boxty

In which I pay a long overdue visit to Gallagher’s Boxty House in Temple Bar and learn more about boiled boxty, baked boxty and boxty pancakes

Circus Of The Vegetables

Cirque de L├ęgume perform as part of the Temple Bar Summer Sensational – a more creative use of vegetables I have not seen!

You Say Cookies, I Say Eat

I might call them oaty biscuits, you might call them fruity oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, but I think we’ll both be happy to eat them