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Spud Sunday: Matters Of Import

I will probably never be a true locavore. Wine and spices (used here in an African potato stew) are just two of the non-local items I would rather not be without.

Putting The Ham In Sandwich

A ham sandwich from Denny – an Irish tradition between two slices of bread. This year’s Bloom in the Park festival is just one of the many places to enjoy same.

Cool As A Cucumber Cocktail

The Cucumburt – a cocktail with cucumber, yoghurt, ginger, mint and coriander, plus a splash of gin and tonic. My way of meeting the Thirsty Thursday Challenge.

Spud Sunday: Of Hogs And Blogs

Using swag from the first official Irish food blogger event, I make some smoked trout dip and feel compelled to make oven chips to go with it.

Foraging About In The Irish Times

Published in the Irish Times no less – 6 snippets from the Spud on edibles worth foraging for

Topics: Foraging

Veni Vidi Viticulture

Lunch with Cloudy Bay viticulturalist Sioban Harnett at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud – an entertaining and informative affair

Spud Sunday: The And Game

Strawberries and potatoes – love ‘em both, though not on the same plate, as this warm strawberry and brandy sauce will testify

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

Dandelions, they’re extremely edible, y’know – fried dandelion flowers being just one of the many possibilities.