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Slow Cheese

A weekend at The Organic Centre in Co. Leitrim learning how to make both hard and soft cheeses (like quark & many more), was a weekend very well spent

Spud Sunday: Kentucky Fried Spuds

I’m not sure if this rösti tastes remotely of Kentucky but I’m sure it will be welcome at the Taste of Kentucky Derby Party nonetheless.

Waiting For Rhubarb

I finally get to try out a recipe involving rhubarb and beetroot tweeted to me by Michelin-starred chef Martijn Kajuiter – let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

Spud Sunday: Of Spice And Spud

Events are conspiring against my efforts to study with Atul Kochhar, so I must study his book instead, from whence come these wonderful potatoes with cashew nuts.

Champions Of Coffee

I become immersed in the world of coffee and coffee people at the Irish Barista Championships 2010.

Spud Sunday: Grow Forth And Multiply

This year’s seed potatoes are finally committed to the ground – or into potato bags at any rate

Cheap As Chickpeas

If I had very little money to spend on food, I would buy dried chickpeas and live on things like these baked chickpea burgers

Spud Sunday: In Handel’s Day

George Frideric Handel, saturated fat, the war on carbs and musically-shaped duchesse potatoes – we’ve got it all here…