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Spud Sunday: Taking Up Smokies

I banish the memory of childhood smoked haddock with a brunch-worthy smoked haddock and potato hash, inspired by the legendary smokies from Eden restaurant

Waking Up To Coffee

I was left feeling thoroughly educated in the matter of home-brewed coffee (and possibly a little light-headed) after a tutorial and tasting session with Karl Purdy at the Coffee Angel Training Lab

Topics: Tea & Coffee

Spud Sunday: Just Add Eggs

Egg baked potatoes, a simple variation on the twice-baked potato thing. Just add an egg to your baked potato shell, give it a spell in the oven et voilà.

Just Call Me Jammy

I survive another mammoth wine session at Gilbey’s 2nd Annual Portfolio tasting and find out that there is yet more wine (and travel) in my future.

Topics: Events, Travel, Wine

Spud Sunday: The Great Aleppo Pepper

When life (or a fellow blogger, at least) sends you aleppo pepper, you use it as an excuse to make some savoury potato crêpes – if you’re me, that is!

Whiskey Business, Part II

Lemony apple pudding with a buttery, creamy whiskey sauce – dessert as inspired by that ultimate winter warmer-upper, the Irish hot whiskey.

Spud Sunday: No Spud Is An Island

You supply the salmon and cream cheese, I’ll supply the potatoes and together we’ll have some chowder.

Postcard Perfect Porridge

Porridge goes tropical, cooked here with coconut milk & banana, spiked with kahlúa & scattered with kiwi fruit & a splash of cream. The midst of winter just got warmer.