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Spud Sunday: Mission Improbable

Curious about the lengths I will go to in order to secure interesting seed potatoes? Read on for more about my covert mission to a Potato Fair in the UK.

That’s The Way I Breakfast Roll

A very meaty delivery from Denny gets me thinking about the classic Irish breakfast roll and the making of a somewhat less meat-laden version of same.

Spud Sunday: Chef du Cream Cheese

The launch of Kevin Dundon’s partnership with Philadelphia cream cheese was the inspiration for a spot of cream cheese mash.

Fave New World

The world of New Zealand wine awaited me at not one but two tastings – they’re not just about sauvignon blanc, it seems…

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Spud Sunday: Bread For Thought

Potato upside-down bread made with soda bread dough, reminiscent of a deep-dish potato pizza or a potato focaccia but, then, not quite like either…

Whiskey Business

Ah, hot whiskeys. They were serving them up by the dozen at the Temple Bar Trad Fest launch and I was happy to imbibe.

Spud Sunday: Neeps And Tatties

It’s the traditional Scottish combination of neeps and tatties (turnip and potato), but they’ve been put together in a somewhat less than traditional gratin form here, along with lemongrass, ginger and yoghurt.

The Mighty Borscht

Ah, borscht, the mighty Eastern soup of beetroot, cabbage, potatoes and more. This recipe is just the thing when the temperatures are subzero outside.