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2009, The Spud Review

My review of 2009 at The Daily Spud – there was food, there was drink, there were awards and, of course, there were lots of potatoes!

Spud Sunday: Christmas, Digested

And so another Christmas is eaten, though this recipe for potato and lentil soup was needed to get me through the pre-Christmas dodgy stomach phase.

Bah, Humbug

Who needs a dodgy stomach at Christmas? Not I! Some plain (but festive) crackers were needed to help on the road to recovery…

Spud Sunday: Potato Dipping

The unexpected discovery of some romanesco cauliflower in the garden lead to the also very pleasant discovery of this recipe for Skordalia, a Greek potato and almond dip with a healthy garlic kick…

The Taste Of Christmas Past

Christmas as a kid meant gifts of almond and honey laden turrĂ³n from Spain. That memory inspired this recipe for festive almond, honey and orange shortbread, chocolate-dipped ‘n’ all…

Spud Sunday: The Art Of The Roastie

Just what you need for Christmas – a 12-step guide to getting your roasties just right, plus a recipe for polenta roast potatoes with rosemary. Now, get peeling…

Frosty The Freezer

Love Food Magazine asked for my top tips for Christmas and I sagely advised all to freeze ahead. This, however, exposed the need to defrost my own freezer (ugh), a task which resulted in this pea and mint soup – nice!

Spud Sunday: Love At First Giveaway

Mr. Tayto is my new best friend and, better than that, he has given me crisps and a copy of his autobiography to give away…