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Spud Sunday: Stinky Spud

So I off I went to London for Food Blogger Connect – ’twas an afternoon filled with food bloggers, fun, Lebanese food and garlic. It also provided the inspiration for a very tasty Lebanese potato pie…

A Tale Of Two Tastings

Wines of New Zealand and wines of Australia, I’d like to taste ‘em all…

Topics: Awards, Events, Wine

Spud Sunday: Leitrim Boxty, 3 Ways

Lessons in the art of making boxty as demonstrated by a real Irish mammy.

I Can Has Thanksgiving?

In which I make an application to borrow the Thanksgiving holiday – I’ll even make the cranberry sauce…

Spud Sunday: Mushy Mushy

It’s not all about good looks. This colcannon cake may have stuck to the non-stick pan, but it still tasted good…

Oat Cuisine

In which I have the pleasure of meeting the Flahavans & seeing inside their family-run oat mill in Waterford. Plus some oat & apple breakfast muffins made in honour of the occasion.

Spud Sunday: My Name Is Farl

Potato cakes, potato farls, potato bread or fadge. Regardless of what you call them, they are a great Sunday morning comfort food. Just add butter.

Raising The Chocolate Bar

A review of my weekend at the Temple Bar Chocolate Festival, with truffle making, chocolate tasting and a fascinating talk by Willie Harcourt Cooze, plus a recipe for my favourite homemade truffles, flavoured with rose water, like Turkish delight.