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Spud Sunday: Awesome Spud

Seven interesting and possibly even awesome facts about the potato that you may not have been aware of…

Fancy A Dip?

Muhammara, a middle eastern dip involving roasted red peppers and one of those utterly addictive dishes that screams make me now…

Spud Sunday: Potato Salad On My Mind

It was well past time for me to post about potato salad – this one, inspired by a trip to Russia, is Georgian-style, with ground walnuts and no mayonnaise…

Berry Berry

When is a berry not a berry? A trickier question to answer than you might think! Luckily, you don’t need to care about that to make this fresh blueberry sauce…

Spud Sunday: Spuds Of A Younger Land

A review of Mark Kurlansky’s excellent book, Food of a Younger Land, of which my favourite piece is An Oregon Protest Against Mashed Potatoes – a no-holds-barred attack on those who try to fancy up honest-to-goodness mash.

Spud And The Beanstalk

My tangled French beans inspire an alternative interpretation of the Jack and the Beanstalk story, as well as the cooking of some French beans with sesame seeds, my favourite way to eat them.

Spud Sunday: The Why Of The Spud

Why do I grow potatoes, really? For the pleasure of eating them, to be sure, but also for the pleasure of being able to bring them to the folks at home.

Dig Up, Dig In

If you’d been in my house for dinner last Saturday, you’d have had lots of home-grown, homemade treats, including rhubarb cinnamon torte, a household favourite