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Rate My Kitchen Fail

Some days in the kitchen are worse than others – use this handy scale to rate how bad your kitchen experience really was!

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Spud Sunday: Heart of Spudness

Growing potatoes is a constant learning experience – too much nitrogen and you might end up with rampant foliage. You might also end up with a heart-shaped Shetland Black, though, so it’s not all bad…

A Highly Spirited Affair

A Hennessy cognac tasting and cocktail masterclass – featuring the Hennessy Miami – gosh it’s a tough life I lead!

Red And Berried

The story of my redcurrant crop and the wonderful redcurrant curd made from it…

Spud Sunday: Spud Goes South

A weekend in Kinsale, courtesy of Kinsale Arts Week, who asked me to participate in a panel discussion about blogging. It was the perfect opportunity to sample the wares at Fishy Fishy as well as the other delights of the gourmet town…

1759, A Very Good Year

So Arthur Guinness is 250 years old and there are big plans for Arthur’s Day next September 24th. I might just have to make a selection of Guinness-soaked items to celebrate…

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Onion Relish. Sweet.

My red winter onions were one of the more successful garden growers this year. Just as successful too, I reckon, was this sweet onion relish with caraway, inspired by a similar relish from Laragh Stuart.

Spud Sunday: Small Potatoes

My excitement at digging the first new potatoes of the year quickly turned to disappointment at the size of the crop…