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Spud Sunday: Sligo Spuds

Lissadell House in Co. Sligo is home to Dave Langford’s impressive collection of some 180 or so varieties of potato – I was lucky enough to be brought on a private tour of same…

Stilts, Gooseberries, And A Spud For All Seasons

My afternoon at the Temple Bar Midsummer Fair, at which I scored some gooseberries with which to make gooseberry curd.

Spud Sunday: Manly Spuds

I answered the call from Carol to enter manly recipes for Go Ahead Honey It’s Gluten-free with these manly spuds – hunks of potato in a smoky chilli sauce, where Mexican chilli meets patatas bravas…

A Taste Of Darina

The low-down on my visit to this year’s Taste of Dublin – the highlight being the chance for a quick cookery lesson with Ballymaloe’s Darina Allen.

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Spud Sunday: Sippity Spuds

My recent travels to San Francisco resulted in the happy circumstance of meeting Greg from Sippity Sup. He introduced me to banh mi and I, in turn, was delighted to create a baked potato with banh mi flavours.

Salads Are Go

The Temple Bar Midsummer Festival is on the way and I have some cider vinegar and such to give away. If you win, you could use it to make this salad with black-eyed beans and corn…

The Daily Spud’s Dilemma

It’s the classic omnivore’s dilemma – what shall I eat today? In this case the problem was addressed with some rhubarb chard from the garden, which was joined in the pot by puy lentils and the result topped with fried onions.

Spud Sunday: Slugging It Out

My potato plants are progressing nicely in the garden – well, apart from my prized rare potato specimens, that is, which fell victim to slug attack, something which will not easily be forgotten…