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Spud Sunday: The Return Of The Spud Shake

My pursuit of the potato shake formula continues. Versions have been tried with mango and banana and declared good, even by the skeptics in the house, of which there are many…

A Seedy Offer

Passing on the word about Glenisk’s seed offer – sign up and get your organic french bean seeds here…

Spud Sunday: Colour Me Purple

I am prone to getting excited by the sight of purple potatoes, whether in the raw at Pike Place Market in Seattle or in the form of causa at La Mar in San Francisco, where I was delighted to meet Ms. OysterCulture herself for lunch…

Seattle Story

A drama in one act, wherein our heroine gives forth on the experience of attending IFBC in Seattle.

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Spud Sunday: I’ve Been Shunned

Not one but two Shun knives scored at IFBC – my cup indeed runneth over…

Smells Like Ice Cream To Me

I smelled the lilac that was beside my front door and was inspired to make lilac-scented ice cream…

Spud Sunday: It’s A Cover-Up

Update on the state of my potato plants, which have started to poke their leaves above the parapet (but not for long, mind…)

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Grasping The Nettle

Nettles were always something to avoid in my book, but today was the day I tried my hand at cooking them instead. They’re just like spinach, my Da assured me…