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Blessed Are The Cheesemakers…

Paneer is one of the simplest of cheeses to make – usually found in curries, here I’ve made a salad out of paneer curds and sauteed spinach – an alternative saag paneer, if you will.

Spud Sunday: The (Almost) Über Tuber

I felt all European after being the runner-up at the Euro Blog awards. To celebrate, I made potato flammekueche, a speciality from Alsace and, yes, kind of like a thin crust pizza.

The Apple Of My Dreams

A travel theme for Sugar High Fridays actually inspired me to make an apple crumble with an almond topping, something that was really very close to home…

Spud Sunday: Can A Potato Shake?

The potato milkshake – does the concept scare you? It scared some of the people at the guilty pleasures party I attended, but they drank it and lived to tell the tale. Elvis bread, on the other hand, they had no problem with!

You Say Compôte, I Say Stewed

You may call it compôte, I call it stewed fruit – lovely orangey stewed rhubarb in this case. The names conjure up very different mental images, though, in the end, they do all taste the same.

There Really Is No Knead

I finally tried Jim Lahey’s no knead bread and boy was I glad I did – best looking crust I ever produced!

Spud Sunday: The Poetry Of Potatoes

Potatoes, it seems, are an entirely worthy subject for poetry and kimchi, it turns out, is an entirely worthy accompaniment to chips. Could these things be related?

My Kind Of Kimchi

This recipe for homemade Korean kimchi may not be entirely authentic, but the fermented cabbage result is fab all the same.