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Of Carrots, Mainly

This is the simplest of soups, really. It’s mostly just carrots. And ginger. But with good carrots, you’ll get good soup. Trust me.

Spud Sunday: Au Gratin, Au Guinness

From the minute I saw the recipe, I was intrigued by Richard Olney’s potato gratin with beer and just had to try it with Guinness. I wasn’t sorry, nor will you be…

The Fairytale of Cork

Cinderella went to the Blog Awards Ball and won!

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Analysis Of An Alternative Anzac

Anzac biscuits are classic Australian fare. Here they have some added macadamia nuts and I explain just how that came about…

Shortlisted And Sweet

Woo! Shortlisted for the food and drinks category at the Irish Blog Awards. Pleased I am, very pleased.

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Feeling Frugal?

Guest post by yours truly over at – my favourite good value eating spots in Dublin.

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Spud Sunday: I Heart Potatoes

Heart-shaped potatoes for Valentines Day anyone? Tesco in the UK have these heart-shaped Francelines on sale… I’m sticking to the cultivation of regular tubers myself, though, and several varieties thereof.

Out Of Tuna?

I was instantly smitten by the idea of a mock tuna salad made with chickpeas mashed in mayonnaise. I had to try it out and I think it may just become one of my favourite things to eat.