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Crimes Of The Kitchen

For me, I dislike it intensely when people take perfectly good ingredients and, through lack of care or skill, manage to make something that may be edible but is unpleasant or worse….

So Many Cookbooks, So Little Time

Of course I will never cook everything that is found between the covers of my cookbooks, but I’m glad that I finally got ’round to trying Delia Smith’s Chickpea, Chilli and Coriander Cakes, a recipe that was bookmarked for a while now…

Farewell Sweet Rhubarb

It’s past rhubarb season but I still have some of this spicy, sweet rhubarb chutney left. Not unlike a sweeter version of Branston pickle, and good with strong cheeses, it’ll be missed when it’s gone.

Waste Not, Want Not

I abhor food waste, so much so that, unless they are utterly inedible, I generally eat the results of my kitchen disasters. This cornbread of sorts is a case in point…

Apple Grumble

I was trying to be healthy by snacking on an apple, though the apple, it turns out, was not exactly worth snacking on. Methinks I need to go and complain…

The Meaning Of Dinner

Dinner can have many meanings, and not all directly related to the food. This Atul Kochhar aubergine, potato and tomato curry I made as a farewell dinner for a friend who has to leave Ireland to return home to Australia and will be missed.

A Bunch of Flours

My baking cupboard is full to bursting with flours, and quite a few of the new additions anticipate my launch onto the gluten-free baking scene. These rice cookies from the Cornucopia book were my first gluten-free baking effort and not a bad one at that.

But It’s A Tradition…

Some people can get quite exercised when certain dishes are not made in what’s seen as the proper, traditional way. I’m like that when it comes to Spanish omelette…