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Old Spice

Caraway – perhaps not the most popular of spices in some quarters, but a very ancient spice and one that I am rediscovering. I’m particularly fond of adding it to stir-fried cabbage…

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Lemongrass and Lime

Some ingredients you can leave out of a recipe and some you can’t. This curry, for example, really needs the lemongrass and lime, both of which my sister forgot to put in one day…

An Apology to my Pressure Cooker

I must apologize to my pressure cooker. It is not an implement designed for jam-making and has barely recovered from a rather batched attempt at rhubarb jam.

Mini Marrow-thon

Courgettes, if you don’t keep an eye on them at the height of the growing season, will turn into marrows while you’re not looking. Mine didn’t get quite that out of hand and were still worthy of this courgette, lentil and tomato gratin.

Recession Bites

A piece of recessionary advice – eat more chilies, because you’ll want to eat less of everything else!

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Apples with Altitude

Apple tart, apple crumble and their ilk have the unmistakable taste of home for me and are something that I crave when I am travelling…

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Munchy Crunchy Lunchy

I am an absolute sucker for cheese and pickle – and this courgette and onion pickle is one of my favourites…

Kitchen Syncopation

Having a latin jazz band do regular rehearsals in one’s kitchen means that dinner can be a crowded but entertaining affair…

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